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Corporate Coaching

Learn techniques for Public Speaking and Presentations, Sales and Marketing meetings to Conferences and National Television events.

* * Corporate Coachings * * 

Have a dry ho hum Fact Filled presentation to give at a meeting, or a big Rousing motivational speech for the Regional Sales Conference,  or just want to be comfortable speaking in public? 

Rick can easily chase away those butterflies.

Acting Classes

All levels & Skill Sets.  Auditions to Live Events. You will learn it all and have confidence for life.

**Private Acting Classes**

Rick teaches Acting Classes, in Person Via Zoom.  All skill levels, all ages.

From beginner's audition techniques to final call backs for films, TV, theaters and commercials.

Have a tough monologue, or a new one person showcase you want Rick to help you polish up?

Have you got some stand up comedy materials to shape up before standing in a room full of strangers judging you?

Rick can happily erase those fears and doubts from your Creative Self.

Guitar Classes

Beginning students only. Young or elders, you will learn how to play your first guitar chords & songs, and have a lifetime of fun!

Learn the basics, get that first used guitar. 

Stay in tune, get comfortable with 3 chords and play 100 songs.

You'll be ready to move up to Pro Players with years of experience, and Grammys on their mantles!

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